The Tokyo Marathon Foundation launched the Sports Legacy Program, using the platform of sports, unfettered by the boundaries between competitive sports and recreational sports, to pass on a legacy of a brighter future for Tokyo and Japan in the 21st century.

The goal of this project is to promote the understanding of the true value of sports by providing opportunities to discuss the nature of sports and what sports can provide to future generations and then to put the answers into practice, realizing a society in which people can enjoy new lifestyles centered on sports.

4 keys concepts

The Sports Legacy Program engaged activities aligned with the four keywords and key concepts of “Sports Dream (Enhancement and Education),” “Sports Foundation (Facilities),” “Sports Expansion (Public Awareness),” and “The Power of Sports (Contributing to Society).”
* The Tokyo Marathon 2023 Charity will collect donations under “Sports Legacy Program 2” for educational projects for residents of areas hit hard by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and will do the same under “Sports Legacy Program 1” for all other charities.

Training of athletes, fostering of junior athletes and career support

The programs will help provide support for sports workshops, training, and development training for instructors, with the aims of promoting sports, and nurturing and strengthening athletes.

Projects planned for FY2022

・Diamond Athlete Program

・Event Organization Support

Improvement and maintenance of sports facilities and related environments

The programs will help provide improvement and maintenance of sports facilities and related environments for spread all sports including running.

Support of sporting events and its public awareness promotion

The programs will assist with activities for promoting lifelong sports participation, such as activities for promoting health tailored to individual life stages through the enjoyment of sports and health management.

Projects planned for FY2022

・Para Athletics Challenge Support

・Disabled Sports Promotion Project

・Runner Support Program

Efforts to help solve social issues through sporting events

Sports have the power to provide children and adults facing adversity with courage, hope, and dreams. These programs support efforts to tackle social problems through activities such as sporting events, helping foster the creation of an environment that provides Japan with even greater vigor.

Projects planned for FY2022

・Diversity Action Program

・Educational Project within the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Steering Committee

Chairperson Tadaaki HAYANO
      Tokyo Marathon Foundation Chairman / CEO / Race Director

Member  Ryo HIRANO
      Senior Manager, High Performance Team High Performance & Development Department

Member  Seiichi Hoshi
      Coordination Section Sports Promotion Division Bureau of Citizens, Culture and Sports


Tadaaki HAYANO

We will tackle the Tokyo Marathon’s mission of creating and passing on a sports legacy, based on the passions of those brought together by the Tokyo Marathon Charity and led by the concept of “everyone working together to create and pass on sport’s legacy.”
We aim for “Innovation & Inclusion,” creating innovative activities that anyone can participate in, befitting of the Tokyo Marathon. I hope everyone supports the Tokyo Marathon Sports Legacy Program, so that we can experience our lives becoming even fuller and more joyous.

Charity Accomplishments

Below are figures on the number and amounts of donations collected from donors via the Tokyo Marathon Charity.

Sports Legacy Program total
7,371 \790,918,123

* In FY2019, donations for the “Kids Athletics x Tohoku Caravan” was divided to other programs.
* The donated amounts for the 2011 edition (FY2011), the 2012 edition (FY2012), and the 2013 edition (FY2013) include usage for purposes other than educational projects for the three disaster-stricken prefectures.

Tokyo Marathon Foundation Sports Legacy Program

The realization and continuation of societies where people can enjoy new lifestyles centered on sports

FY 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Donations 18 874 415 169*¹ 415 169 412 274 291 304
\58,137,406 \14,018,000*¹

Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support Program Disaster-stricken area educational project

To be divided between the IWATE Learning Hope Fund, the Great East Japan Earthquake Miyagi Children’s Fund, and the Great East Japan Earthquake Fukushima Children’s Fund

FY 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Donations 11 202 301 454 300 680 694 1,222 750