The Sports Legacy Program engaged activities aligned with the four keywords and key concepts of
“Sports Dream (Enhancement and Education),” “Sports Foundation (Facilities),” “Sports Expansion (Public Awareness),” and “The Power of Sports (Contributing to Society).”
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Creating and passing on a society in which people can enjoy new lifestyles through sports

About Programs
As a pioneer in mass marathons and as a forerunner in sports charities in Japan, the Tokyo Marathon, organized by the Tokyo Marathon Foundation, contributes to the advancement of society through running.
In its Sports Legacy Program, the Tokyo Marathon Foundation carries out activities based on the four keywords and key concepts of “Sports Dream (Enhancement and Education),” “Sports Foundation (Facilities),” “Sports Expansion (Public Awareness),” and “The Power of Sports (Contributing to Society).” in order to use the platform of sports, unfettered by the boundaries between competitive sports and recreational sports, to pass on a legacy of a brighter future for Tokyo and Japan in the 21st century.
We aim for “Innovation & Inclusion,” creating innovative activities that anyone can participate in, befitting of the Tokyo Marathon.

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Education work for areas stricken by Great East Japan Earthquake (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima)

About Programs
Donations received by the Tokyo Marathon Foundation will be divided between the Iwate Learning Hope Fund, the Children Orphaned by Great East Japan Earthquake Fund, and the Fukushima Donation for Orphans affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, based on the number of minors within the scope of the projects in the three disaster-struck prefectures.
Sports have the power to provide children and adults facing adversity with courage, hope, and dreams. This program supports efforts to tackle social problems through activities such as sporting events, helping foster the creation of an environment that provides Japan with even greater vigor.
This program is being carried out as part of one of the Sports Legacy Program’s four concepts, “The Power of Sports (Contributing to Society): Attempting to solve societal problems through sporting events, etc.”

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