Thank you for your support.
We are pleased to report on the activities of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation Sports Legacy Program for FY2022.

Donations for the Sports Legacy Program in FY2022

Amount: 24,599,015 yen


Activities in FY2022

As part of our Sports Legacy Program for fiscal 2022, for the first time in three years, we conducted a charity call for the Tokyo Marathon and a charity call for the newly established Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2022, and received warm support from many of you.

Thank you very much for your warm support.

We would like to report on the activities of the “Sports Legacy Program” that utilized the donations we received.

Activity Report


Training of athletes, fostering of junior athletes and career support

Diamond Athlete Program

Organizer:Japan Association of Athletics Federations

Through sport of athletics, we will support athletes to grow into an internationally-minded individual with broad perspective, who will contribute to the future prosperity of Japan and the world.

Activity Details

  1. (1)Language training
  2. (2)Nutritional support
  3. (3)Overseas expedition and training camp support program
  4. (4)Training camp support

Event Organization Support

Organizer: Tokyo Marathon Foundation

By making donations to tournament management and business activities, we will support the continued holding of sporting events and help athletes strengthen and develop through their participation in many competitions.

Support Achievements

  1. (1)The 85th Tokyo Athletics Championships
  2. (2)Kitashibu Mile / Kitashibu Run Run Festa

Improvement and maintenance of sports facilities and related environments

Green Mileage Program

The “Green Mileage Program” is a social contribution (campaign to protect nature) through running.
The Sports Legacy Program supported the “Green Mileage Program” through affiliated tournaments.


Support of sporting events and its public awareness promotion

Para Athletics Challenge Support

Organizer:Edogawa Ward Tokyo Marathon Foundation

We will create opportunities for people to experience the wonders of para-sports and continue to love and suport para-athletics and sports.

Activity Details

  1. (1)Para-Athletics Class in National Stadium
    1. ・Class 1: Wheelchair Track & Field Class
    2. ・Class 2: Track & Field Class for the intellectually disabled
    3. ・Class 3: Frame Running Experience
  2. (2)EDORIKU Para Athletics Class (Organizer:Edogawa Ward)

Disabled Sports Promotion Project

Organizer:Tokyo Sports Association for the Disabled

We support various para-sporting events held through the Tokyo Sports Association for the Disabled with the following objectives:
・Increase the number of sport enthusiasts by collaborating with different para-sport organizations to promote an opportunity for an individual to gain fascination for sports by engaging or watching.
・Promote an opportunity and events for table-tennis lovers, regardless of physical disability, to engage in the sport and the community, while spreading the understanding for disability.

  1. (1)Blind Rugby Experience and Exchange Games
  2. (2)Boccia experience
  3. (3)Sailing Challenge Tokyo for the Disabled (hands-on experience)
  4. (4)TOKYO Para Sports Channel
  5. (5)2023 Tokyo Cup Table Tennis Tournament
  6. (6)Creation and posting of promotional videos for staff supporting para-athletes in Tokyo

Runner Support Program

Organizer:Organizer: SOCIETY FOR RUNNING Female Athlete Health Support Committee

This program aims to improve runner safety, raise the level of running instructors, and foster running culture.

Activity Details

  1. (1)Training Course for Certified Running Instructors of the Running Association of Japan in 2022 (Organizer: SOCIETY FOR RUNNING)
  2. (2)Running Research Fund (Organizer: SOCIETY FOR RUNNING)
  3. (3)Support for running-related project research(Organizer: SOCIETY FOR RUNNING)
  4. (4)Support for activities to promote safe and effective running among runners in general(Organizer: SOCIETY FOR RUNNING)
  5. (5)Sports medicine seminar for obstetricians and gynecologists (Organizer: Female Athlete Health Support Committee)
  6. (6)Symposium for sports coaches and others on selected updated themes related to issues specific to women (Organizer: Female Athlete Health Support Committee)
  7. (7)Expand awareness of healthy sports activities and health management for adolescent girls, and hold study groups for youth sports teams, etc. (Organizer: Female Athlete Health Support
  8. (8)Creation of guidebooks and other promotional and educational materials that contribute to supporting the health of female athletes (Organizer: Female Athlete Health Support Committee)

Efforts to help solve social issues
through sporting events

Educational Project within the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Organizer: Tokyo Marathon Foundation

We have donated to three onsite projects supporting the children’s education within the disaster-stricken area.

Diversity Action Program

Organizer: Tokyo Marathon Foundation

We will implement various projects as part of our “Diversity Action Program” to realize a more diverse and inclusive society.

Activity Details

  1. (1)VOLUNTAINER Skill Up Training “Barrier-Free Mind”
  2. (2)Support area for everyone